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Doodle Art originated in the seventies and began as a hobby, but grew to what became recognised by many as an art form in its own right. It is highly addictive to both the novice doodler and the enthusiast. Once you start, you can't stop! The end results will be viewed as true art by many people. Every blank piece is simply crying out to be completed and each end product will be unique in its own way.

This Website is dedicated to and created for those people who will enjoy the combined challenge and relaxation that Doodle Art brings! We think that by finding this site, you have already identified and declared yourself an interested party ! Why else would you be here? There really is Doodle Art for everyone! Begin your journey at the level that you feel will best suit you. There are very simple pieces for beginners; those which are larger and more demanding for those of you who like a project and finally, for those of you who do not shrink from the impossible we have those which appear as though they could never be completed, such is the magnitude and complexity of these designs ! Yet there is no denying the extraordinary sense of achievement that accompanies completion at whatever level! So, bring on the next one!

The original Doodle Art publishers were fortunate to have had many excellent artists under contract and these artists delivered beautiful base-design material. Then suddenly, the production of Doodle Art ceased and the designs gradually disappeared as publishing ground to a halt, seemingly without any detailed explanation.

Since that time and with the advent and growth in popularity of the personal computer, addicted colour fanatics have reached out to the internet in often vain attempts to find as many of the doodles as they could. Unfortunately, only very few were found to still be available anymore.

On there were some mentioned but always with the following remark: “Out of print”.

Calls for help echoed around the world .............. and now ............. WE HAVE GREAT NEWS ........... AND A RESULT ........... THE SEARCH IS OVER!


New and improved Doodle Art is back ! Not only do we have much of the original material but also there are some new ideas for everyone who loves doodling and colouring. Of course, to fully enjoy Doodle Art, you must be either young, old or anywhere in between; either a novice, experienced or anywhere in between; and finally, either male or female.



Welkom bij Doodle Art


Doodle Art is oorspronkelijk in de zeventiger jaren als hobby begonnen, maar is uitgegroeid tot een ware kunstvorm en een rage onder de liefhebbers.

Het eindproduct wordt door veel mensen gezien als kunst. Het zijn namelijk allemaal unieke stukken.


Voor hen is deze speciale website, maar natuurlijk ook voor alle kleurfanaten, die deze vorm van kleuren nog niet kennen.

Er is voor iedereen wat, van heel simpel en gemakkelijk te doen, tot heel groot een gedetailleerd, eigenlijk niet te doen, de ware uitdaging dus.


De oorspronkelijke uitgevers, die vele goede tekenaars onder contract hadden en prachtig materiaal leverden, stopten zonder bij mij bekende redenen, met het uitgeven van de kleurplaten.

Verwoede kleurfanaten wendden zich tot het internet, om toch maar zoveel mogelijk kleurplaten bij elkaar te krijgen. Er was jammer genoeg niet zo veel meer beschikbaar…

Oproepen, wereldwijd, waren het gevolg.

Op stonden ze nog wel, maar helaas altijd met het zinnetje erachter: Out of print.


Deze vervelende situatie is nu voorbij! Vanaf vandaag is er de nieuwe verbeterde Doodle Art site, met heel veel origineel materiaal, maar ook met wat nieuwe ideeën voor iedereen die van kleuren en Doodles houdt, of ze nu groot of klein zijn.

Last Updated (Tuesday, 03 March 2015 18:25)